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Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced

Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Update: We have now added the new remastered version of Borderlands on our website, which was released in April of 2019. This includes all the DLCs and Updates with enhanced graphics and quality of life improvements. Along those updates, it also adds some of the fan favorite features from Borderlands 2 as well. Following link gives you full version of Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced Free Download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced PC Download Free

(Includes All DLCs and Updates)

We also have added the latest title in the series on our website; get that from here Borderlands 3 download for free.


Borderlands 1 with All DLCs Download for Free, Install & Play

As mentioned above, this is the remastered version, so it includes all the DLCs that were released for the original. Here is a list of all the DLCs that are included.

  • Claptrap’s Robot Revolution
  • The Secret Armory of General Knoxx
  • Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot
  • The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Therefore, if you have not played it yet, then you can get Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced PC download for Free. Here is your chance to get Enhanced version of Borderlands with all DLCs.

If you have finished this earlier or now, then you can go ahead and play the sequel from the link given here, Remastered Borderlands 2 download for free.

Old: Borderlands is a first person shooter which follows the style of a RPG along with the FPS elements. It has been developed by Gearbox Software and 2K are the publisher for platforms like PC, Xbox 360 and also for PlayStation 3. The story takes place on a planet called as Pandora. Due to the availability of minerals in large quantity it has attracted many mining companies towards it and Dahl Corporation is one amongst them. They believe that somewhere in this planet there is a Vault which is full of alien technology. Borderlands free download is available now from the end of this page. A sequel to this game Borderlands 2 has also been released for PC and other major platforms, You can find the Xbox 360 as well as PC version of it on this site.

The player assumes himself as one amongst the four main characters and starts his journey to locate the vault and to find the keys to open that vault. Main characters are Roland, Mordecai, Lilith and Brick. Each character is unique and has developed special skills and abilities. Roland acts as a soldier and supports you throughout your journey, Mordecai helps in treasure hunting that are scattered all over Pandora, this treasure contains ammunition, weapons and even cash. Brick acts as a tank, and does the things which are related to a tank, such as destroying everything in your path and finally Lilith who acts as a siren and provides you with the utility support. Want to know how to or where to download Borderlands free for PC? Skip to the bottom and you will find it.

Player also meets many supportive characters that offer their aid to find the keys and alert you about the happenings around Pandora. Gameplay resembles to some of the other titles available in this genre. The full version of this is what you will find below this article, get it and enjoy.

Throughout your journey, you will face alien stuff that really surprises you. Player has to complete the objectives assigned to him by defeating both human and alien enemies. Player earns experience point on completing the task and by killing the enemies. Player also has to participate in some side quests for money and special perks. As the game progresses player can upgrade his weaponry and shields by spending the points earned during previous levels. Borderlands PC download for free is now online for everyone, just follow instructions to get the ISO from either the direct links or from torrents.

Combat is similar to any of the modern shooter games. Player performs stuffs like jumping, crouching to move from one place to other. Accuracy in shooting can be achieved by using scopes attached to the weapons. Finding the weakness and targeting that weakness certainly increases your rate of success over enemy. Health system is typical, you can wait for your team mate to come for rescue or you can move toward the closest checkpoints to regain your strength, but remember you will get only few seconds to do all this stuff. Borderlands free download is what you get from this safe and trusted website.

Varieties of weapons are used in this game. Player gets different guns and rifles to use and each varies in its strength and ability to cause destruction. Due to availability of new weapons, you are forced to think continuously about the gears you carry and your backpack. Like if you want to keep a new and special weapon or any of the other things that you find then you need to drop the one of the things that you are carrying already. You get slots to carry weapons and health packs and stuff. Borderlands free download is just a step away; go below to find it. You can pick up stuff as long as you have slot remaining after that you need to make room either by dropping items or selling them.

Borderlands Free Download

Graphics are entirely different compared to the modern games. Developers have given the characters cartoony looks which is somehow influenced by the comics. The visuals and scenery give a feel of an epic landscape. Explosions and destruction are shown perfectly and are enough to keep the graphics near to perfect level. Borderlands free PC download is given below, start the process of getting this immediately. Sound leaves a psychological effect on you. You will find screams of dying humanoids which are near to the real world sounds. Background music is pleasant and fully influenced by western world.

All in all this has plenty of things going its way. The graphics, sound effects and a different planet and alien species to fight, all bring this game to life. The RPG element of upgrading skills and weapons also adds fun to the gameplay, keeping you always on the lookout for new upgrades. The link below will give you full version of this for free.

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