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Beyond Two Souls

Beyond Two Souls PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Beyond: Two Souls, is another title from Quantic Dream, which was exclusive to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. However, after the deal with Epic Store, they have released ported and released Beyond Two Souls for Windows PC. It was published by Sony for the PlayStation version and self-published by Quantic Dream on PC. If you like story driven games, then check this out, following link gives you Full Version of Beyond Two Souls Free Download for PC.

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Beyond Two Souls PC Download Free Full Version

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Just like other Quantic Dream games, Beyond Two Souls is like an interactive movie. If you have played any of their other titles, then you will know what you are getting into, a story-focused title. The PS3 version was looking good, but port to PS4 was much better looking. However, the PC version is the best of them all, if you want to play it for the first time, then PC is the best platform to play. Get Beyond Two Souls download for free from the links given here.

The PC version, like the ported PS4 version, allows you to play the story in two different ways. The original story went back and forth to future and past. The PC version gives you the same original option, but with another option that lets you play the events in the chronological order. In our opinion, you should play the original option to experience the story the way the developers wanted you to. If you are interested in the playing, then download Beyond Two Souls for free for PC. This gives you the full version of the title to enjoy.

Beyond Two Souls PC Download Free

In the story, you get to play as Jodie, but there is a twist. From birth, Jodie is accompanied by a soul called Aiden. You can control Aiden separately if you relinquish the control. Giving control to Aiden is sometimes required, you will understand why, when you start playing. Being an interactive movie essentially, you can play each scene differently, that gives you the option to play the game multiple times. Get Beyond Two Souls PC download for Free from the link here to enjoy a great story that some like and others hate.

As you play through each scene, you will come to know that not all of the scenes are important to the story, some of them are pure time-fillers. However, the scenes are short parts of the complete story, so it is a nonissue. The acting from the main characters is excellent which further gives you the incentive to play it multiple times to check out the multiple endings. If you are looking forward to that, then here is Beyond Two Souls download for PC, use the link from this page.

Some of our complaints center on the camera, which can become wonky sometimes. Another complaint is that the movement is not particularly refined. You might be stuck in unwanted places trying to figure out how to move. Apart from those small issues, there is nothing else worth mentioning. Being a PC release you also get keyboard and mouse support as well as multiple graphical options to tune. The option to play at 4K resolution is also present if you are inclined to do so. If you have the PC to play at that resolution, then here is Beyond Two Souls free download.


If you didn’t get a chance to play the original version on the PlayStation, then playing on PC is the best option out there. If you are casual gamer, more interested in the story than playing a hectic shooter, then you will be satisfied playing full version of Beyond Two Souls download PC free from this page. The graphics do look better, which is another plus point of the PC release. Even though the story is not Oscar worthy, it is definitely much better than many titles we see these days.

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Downloading and Installing

Go to the links page and open link 1 in qBittorrent, install that program from Google. Once opened, save the files from the torrent on your PC and finish the downloading. Once done, open the folder; double click the ISO file to get the DVD of full version of Beyond Two Souls. Open that DVD, run setup to start the installation. Once done, go back to the DVD and copy everything from the CODEX folder. Go back to the folder where you installed the game and paste the files there. You are ready to play after that.

If you need any help, then let us know in comments section below. Also, make sure to share this page with all your friends and followers so that they can enjoy a good story as well.

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