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Batman The Enemy Within Shadows Edition

Batman The Enemy Within Shadows Edition PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Update:  We have updated the links now to include Batman The Enemy Within The Telltale Series Shadows Edition PC Download for Free. Telltale bring us the second season of Batman series in the form of Batman: The Enemy Within. It is again published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Windows PC and was released in August of 2018. It was later released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and many other platforms. It is a sequel to Batman: The Telltale Series released in 2016. Following link gives you full version of Batman The Enemy Within free download for PC.

Use This Link for Downloading

Batman The Enemy Within PC Download Free Full Version

(Shadows Edition Includes All Episodes, DLCs and Updates)

You can get Batman The Telltale Series download for PC and play it, then you can get this sequel to continue playing.

AS with all the Telltale series of titles, Batman: The Enemy Within was also released as a part of five episodes released over some months. The first episode was released in October of 2017 and later in March of 2018 the final episode was released. Following is the list of episodes that come with this CODEX release of Batman The Enemy Within download for PC.

  • Shadows Edition DLC
  • Episode 1 The Enigma
  • Episode 2 The Pact
  • Episode 3 Fractured Mask
  • Episode 4 What Ails You
  • Episode 5 Same Stitch

Immediately, let us tell you that the issues we saw in the first title also plague the sequel. The main culprit is the way choices you make do not make a difference in the ending, whatever you choose, the final outcome will be the same. We saw this is the predecessor and seeing it here feels like the developers did not listen to the feedback of the fans. No wonder Telltale had to let all of their employees go and close the company, they did not listen to what people wanted. Anyways, you can just enjoy the second and last season here with Batman The Enemy Within download for free given on this page. If they had heard to players and changed things up and given what people asked for, they still might be up and running and making a third season of Batman.

Batman The Enemy Within PC Download Free

After Rocksteady ended the Batman Arkham Trilogy, the final title of which you can get here Batman Arkham Knight download for PC, people were looking for a title that satisfied their craving for more Batman titles. Fortunately, that is when Telltale struck gold with Batman The Telltale Series. It was very well received and the nature of the gameplay with point and click aspect made it a good choice for storytelling=, just not your typical AAA video game. With that success in their bag, Telltale brought us Batman The Enemy Within free download for PC.

The story of this sequel takes place one year after the ending of the last campaign. Once again, you get the chance to play as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. The villains although not getting the same footage as seen in the predecessor, are adequate to keep things interesting. You will face the new challenge of The Agency with Amanda Waller and the added complexity that it brings from all the previous villains. The voice-acting is top notch yet again and keeps pace with what is happening on the screen. You can check all these out when you get Batman The Enemy Within PC download for free from the link provided on this page.

We are not going to go into the story of the five episodes in detail, because there will be lot of spoilers and we want you to avoid those spoilers until you get your hands on this title and you are playing on your PC. The gameplay largely remains the same and you will be solving straightforward puzzles to do some detective work. The starting episodes are more focused on detective work and the later on combat as the seasons comes to an end. Download Batman The Enemy Within free for PC and which parts you like the most, we liked both of them.


We loved playing the first season of the series, even though it had some issues. The same issues are present here but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying a great story and excellent work all around. It has improved a lot compared to the first iteration in many aspects. Playing as Batman and going against Joker was one of the high points of the season and the interaction was epic. Though, some of the episodes dragged on, the starting and ending was on a high. Unfortunately, this Batman The Enemy Within PC download is going to be the last season we will see as Telltale company is closed now.

Downloading and Installing

Install uTorrent and go to links page, then open one of the links in uTorrent. Then save the ISO file on hard disk. Once you finish downloading, you can double click the ISO to open it and install it from there. You can use Daemon Tools or PowerISO on Windows 7 to do the same steps of installation. After that, go to DVD again and copy files from CODEX folder to install folder to play.

If you need help, then ask your questions below in comments section. And, don’t forget to share the website and this page on your Facebook page or Tweet about it on Twitter to spread the news.

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