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Assassins Creed Unity

Assassins Creed Unity PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Assassin’s Creed Unity, developed and published by Ubisoft is another title to come out in the Assassins Creed series. It was bashed by critics and gamers alike for the amount of bugs that it shipped with. To be honest, it was unplayable even for the people who paid a premium price for it. Ubisoft have given updates many times and still issues remain; which are annoying as hell. Following link gives you full version of Assassins Creed Unity PC download.

We have added full version of Assassins Creed Origins PC download for free on our site, use this link to get it.


Assassins Creed Unity Download for Free, Install and Play

The game released after Unity is also available on our site, we are giving you full version of Assassins Creed Syndicate PC download here. Use the link to get the newer title. But first we suggest you to get AC Unity & finish it.

We must give credit where it’s due, the developers have done an excellent job of creating the city of Paris where the game takes place. The visuals are stunning. They have been created to take advantage of the latest graphics prowess of the consoles. As a result of this graphical improvements we also see great visuals on PC. See it yourself what we mean when you get it from the links provided on this page. We bring you Assassins Creed Unity free download for PC, just enjoy this full version by applying all the updates you can and play it on a lower setting than you usually play on. You might also want to check out the previous title Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag download for PC before you go ahead with this new game.

This is the case with Assassins Creed Unity, you get the great highs from it and they go to the depths of hell at times. This has been a frustrating experience to play. There is nothing innovative to see this time around as well. There is no real feel of the achievement while on missions; you just keep completing missions for the sake of it, always keeping a distance from what is going on around you. You might want to see this for yourself. That’s why we give you the option of getting Assassins Creed Unity download for PC for free. Use the link given above or at the bottom to know how to or where to full version of this game.

Assassins Creed Unity PC Download

The 18th century Paris shown is stunning and gorgeous to say the least. Going to viewpoints and seeing the city in its entirety is a treat to sore eyes. The districts which unlock over time as you move towards your goals and missions are a step in the right direction. All the character involved in each district depict the true nature of that particular area, be it the alleyways or areas of the rich and the privileged. You should see them in person, get Assassins Creed Unity PC download and do just that.

The developers have done their utmost to populate this buzzing city but while traversing the streets you will find same character over and over. And these peasants trolling the streets more often than not get in your way, annoying the hell out when you are just trying to get to your destination. Find out if you will be annoyed as well, get full version Assassins Creed Unity download for free and install it on your PC as soon as possible.

Have you played all the previous titles in this series? If not you will find all of them here, which include Assassin’s Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, 3, 4 Black Flag. You can also find Assassin’s Creed III game here, which came before Black Flag and was a really good addition to the series. We suggest you get all of them and start from the beginning to get a sense of the story. You might want to skip some of the unnecessary missions in the previous titles to get through them faster. And then you can get to Assassin’s Creed Unity PC download and start enjoying the latest masterpiece in the series.

As a result of the annoying crowd on the streets we used the rooftops more often than not. This gave us a great view of the surroundings as well as a clear path to run along faster. If you are playing then we suggest you to do the same. Climbing down has been made special with parkour system. Previously I just leapt from building hoping I would survive the fall. This is a nice addition. Go ahead and start doing those cool parkour routines with the Assassins Creed Unity free download which is online now for everyone.


Do you have a one of the best gaming PC’s? If not, then you are going to have to lower your settings to play this at a reasonable FPS. But if you do possess such a PC, then you are going to have a visual treat. You also get to see this on higher resolution unheard of on consoles as well as higher frame rates which are greater than the limited 30 frames on consoles. As a result, playing full version of Assassins Creed Unity free download on PC is a much more satisfying affair than on consoles. There are things that the developers need to address in the series but they have not done that in this version and we hope they do so in the next version at least.

Downloading and Installing

So you want to know how to or where to download Assassins Creed Unity free for PC? Then you are at the right place. Just follow the instructions given below in the comments section to get the full version of Unity. You will be using uTorrent for downloading and Daemon Tools to mount the ISO you get after the download finishes. Watch tutorial videos if you are unsure how to do these things. If you don’t understand anything, then ask in comments section or watch the videos in tutorial section to know how to get Assassins Creed Unity PC download for free.

If you are getting bugs of all sorts then you are not alone in this and most people are having them, just restart the game and try powering through those. If you get stuck we are here to help. Also find the updates released by the developers and install them, this will make the issues a tad bit easier to avoid. Use the following link to get Assassins Creed Unity free download for PC and start enjoin the latest and greatest of heroes in this series of Assassins.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    Assassins Creed Unity Install Instructions

  2. Gilga says:


  3. osen says:

    this release pretty good.

  4. Bull1 says:


  5. Browie says:

    Thank you!
    I’ll play. All good!

  6. trixie says:

    Thanks. Looks pretty good to me.

  7. luiz says:

    Downloading… and waiting for Updates… Hope you guys post them soon.

  8. sepp says:

    Reloaded! Finally

  9. Chaos says:

    anyone seen the news? I just read that disconnecting your internet fixes 90% of the problems and slowdowns. LOL!

    its on reddit..

  10. Zulu says:

    Thanks for this much anticipated release! I am having fun playing this on my i7 2.67GHz with Radeon HD5880

  11. Corsair says:

    thanks for the up.
    Been waiting for this.

  12. GOTTFRID says:

    finally a proper release

  13. frodo says:

    I did some testing and turns out that if You go to uplay settings and turn OFF “Allow Uplay to use proxy connection” and turn OFF the Voice chat it really boosted up FPS and reduced stuttering for me. Don’t ask me why tho.

  14. MiTu says:


  15. Fishbone says:

    Throw the minimum requirments out the window!

    I can run this running smooth as hell (not sure on the fps but its pretty dam smooth probably around 35-40) on my laptop.

    i7-4700MQ 2.4Ghz
    raedeon 8970m (gtx 680 is ALOT better)
    8gb 1600mhz ram

    I was however playing on 1600×1050 but its so smooth graphics still look amazing. So im running an AMD and dont meet minimum requirments

  16. hammerho says:

    FYI this release includes the 1.1 patch

  17. zSoldier says:

    what about online, does it work here?

  18. Reflecti0n says:

    thanks alot.

  19. gilzao says:

    F*ck yeah! Thanks

  20. adept says:

    Performance issues aside, this is pretty meh so far.

    No where near as good as Black flag or 2.

    Thanks for the up though.

  21. janokm says:

    Velke diky

  22. harze says:

    Nobody has reported it before i have a problem where it wont start up, the logo comes up and says assassins creed unity and it just stays there without ever starting. Anybody else with these problems or fixes for it ?

    • harze says:

      I have solved it, if you have any problems with the start up install the it on the c drive and it should work

  23. cyph says:

    Thanks for the upload.

  24. Frohike says:

    A fine game :) But power hungry and unoptimized IMHO… Fortunately I got that power to feed it ;P Thank you folks for that release :)

  25. mata says:

    This is actually working really good on my rig. Everything Ultra except AA which I set @ 2x only.
    Never crashed, no stuttering no glitches yet and im about 50% done on main missions. 40-85 fps. rarely below 50 tho.
    My rig : i7 4790k at 4.6ghz. 8gb ram, gtx 970 overclocked. And I also Installed it on SSD. I’m sure that helps alot too.

    Hell I’m even considering buying the shit IF they get their shit together. I seriously doubt it would run this good on retail version tbh since there’s all this stupid uplay nonsense going on in the background.

    Anyways just wondering if anyone know if its possible to keep your saved progress from this version and use it in retail somehow? Just in case I do end up buying, would love to be able to play coop with friends.