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Assassins Creed Chronicles Complete

Assassins Creed Chronicles Complete PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Assassins Creed Chronicles is a three part series completely different than what we have seen in the franchise so far. Climax Studies is behind the development and Ubisoft is publishing it. The design is completely new and we get to play as new protagonists in three completely different stories. The world you see will be in 2.5D, so not a 3D version. So if you are interested in getting all three of these titles then you are in luck, we are giving you full version of Assassins Creed Chronicles PC download free here.

We were skeptical when the series was announced our thoughts were, why don’t they just make full-fledged titles instead of doing these 2.5D versions? But let us tell you, these are great titles and are next best thing after Prince of Persia in this genre. So here are the three titles that are coming in this trilogy.

  • Assassins Creed Chronicles China
  • Assassins Creed Chronicles India
  • Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia


Assassins Creed Chronicles China PC Download

Assassins Creed Chronicles China Game PC Download FreeThe first entry in the series was release in April of 2015 for the latest consoles as well as the PC and it was Assassins Creed Chronicles China. You play the role of Shao Jun who is on the lookout for a box that contains some rare artifact (Why are we thinking that we have heard something similar? Oh yes we have in the Assassins Creed series itself) which was left by the people from the First Civilization. Let’s see if you can find it, go ahead and get Assassins Creed Chronicles China free download from here and enjoy the full version for free.

The instructions for downloading and installing are given in the comment section (first comment). Make sure you read them so that you do not face any problems. We are also in the process of creating a tutorial video for Assassins Creed Chronicles China free download which will be added soon.

Use This Link for Downloading

Assassins Creed Chronicles China PC Download Free


The effects or powers of the rare artifact have not been disclosed, may be in future they might. But what you get is something similar to the full version of Mark of the Ninja PC download given here. This is beautiful looking game but it gets boring fast and fails to make an impact like the Ninja game did. The developers should get credit though; they have done a great job of cramming most of the elements of AAA title in this 2.5D adventure. Go ahead and get Assassins Creed Chronicles China download for PC and start enjoying this great looking series.

Conclusion for China Part

Chronicles: China is visually good looking and has some great environments to play in. The action is fun and exciting but the combat lets it down. Stealth action is very enjoyable but only when it works and glitches and bugs make the stealth elements unplayable. Apart from that the praise must go to the team for thinking something different for this series for that reason we suggest you should definitely get Assassins Creed Chronicles China download for free from this page.


Assassins Creed Chronicles India PC Download

Assassins Creed Chronicles India PC Download Free Full GameThe second part in the trilogy was released this month i.e. January 2016 called Assassins Creed Chronicles India. The story takes place in the year 1841 and you play the role of a cocksure assassin named Arbaaz Mir. Mir has just stolen Kohinoor which we are told is a Piece of Eden. After that it’s all puzzles and other challenges in a superb looking setting of India. Give it a try; we are giving you Assassins Creed Chronicles India free download on this page.

As before the install instructions are given in the comments section so as not to confuse you people. Just follow the steps specific to the India part to get playing the full version of Assassins Creed Chronicles India download for free. We are offering three different packages for each part; just get the one you want.

Use This Link for Downloading

Assassins Creed Chronicles India PC Download Free


The game is still following the China part, meaning the focus is still on Stealth. The stealth part is smooth and all the environments give you alternative actions. But once you play it for an hour or so you will start feeling the boredom creep in. The same looking rooms with similar enemies makes you lose interest fast.  Still if you are a fan of this genre then this game is better than nothing. You should definitely find out how to or where to get Assassins Creed Chronicles India download for PC.

Conclusion of India Part

India part is almost the same as the China part in terms of gameplay just with a different setting and a far less interesting character as the protagonist. So this comes down to your individual taste, if you liked Chronicles: China then you will like Chronicles: India which has some minor tweaks as well as a new challenge mode to keep it interesting. Go ahead and get Assassins Creed Chronicles India free download for PC from this page.


Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia PC Download

Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia PC Download Full Game FreeThis is the final entry in this side scrolling adventure from Ubisoft developed by Climax Studios. Unfortunately instead of going out on a high the Russia entry is weakest of the three. The visual style is the same as the India and China parts but we get red and grey colors everywhere. Start playing Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia free download given on the following link.

In this new adventure you get to play two characters, Nikolai and Anastasia. As far as we can tell the character of Anastasia is much more interesting than anyone else. Both characters come with the same basic skills but Anastasia has Helix abilities. If you played the previous two entries then you already know what we mean. Go ahead and grab Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia download for PC and start playing the conclusion of this trilogy. This may not be the best but it’s something different.

Use This Link for Downloading

Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia PC Download Free


One thing we noticed was that there is no room from creativity. The gameplay is same monotonous throughout. Trial and error is your best bet to get through many of the section. If they had allowed some freedom players could have found a lot creative ways on their own. You can find Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia download for free from the link provided above. There are modes to improve difficulty but they don’t do much for the way the mechanics are set. Playing it once was enough so we don’t think anyone will bother with an increased difficulty to go through the frustrating levels yet again.

Conclusion of Russia Part

After the China part we definitely saw improvement in the India part. But this Russia chapter goes backwards even back then the China part which was frustrating to experience. The platforming challenges as well as the combat are some of the glaring issues that are hard to ignore. But to see the conclusion of the trilogy we recommend everyone to get Assassins Creed Chronicles Russia PC download from this page.

If you want to play the latest full-fledged AAA release from the Assassins Creed series then we have that as well. You can get full version of Assassins Creed Syndicate PC download from here. We hope you are enjoying all these latest releases from this great franchise as much as we are.

Downloading and Installing

You need to install μTorrent and Daemon Tools (links for which are given on the left sidebar) in order to get all three parts of Assassins Creed Chronicles download for PC. Once installed, you can click on the individual links for each part given above to go to the links page. There choose only one link (first link will be the best link) and click on it. Open it in μTorrent and select a folder to save Assassins Creed Chronicles download for free. Complete the downloading and you will get an ISO file.

To use the ISO file we need Daemon Tools. As we have already installed it, just double click the ISO file and a DVD of the game will show up in a new drive created by Daemon Tools. From there you can install the part you got of Assassins Creed Chronicles free download and then follow the steps given for that particular part in install instructions in the first comment. That’s it. Get all the parts or play one part at a time. The procedure to get them is the same for all. Enjoy :)



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